All around the wild

An appreciation of the wide open spaces and the wild experiences.

Have you ever wondered what’s like to go on safari? If you’ve ever watched National Geographic, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the amazing wildlife. The parks in Kenya have huge abundance of wildlife and is one of Africa’s great remaining unspoiled wildlife destination with grassy open plains and dense fairytale-like woodlands.

I’ve been so lucky to experience a few game drives in my life.It gave me a range of diverse experience, instead of writing about each of the experiences I thought I should share a couple of pictures of the most memorable.

The biggest treat was spotting this gentle giant,right up close.

If you love elephants , Amboseli is your number one choice, then Tsavo Park.I have never seen so many elephants together. The two parks have views of mount Kilimanjaro,the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

The parks are not overcrowded as other safari destination which means you have sightings all to yourself. But ofcourse the park gets busier in the high season. Hot and dry period is considered the peek season to visit the park,wildlife sightings are brilliant and the park is stunning this time of year.It’s so easy to spot the animals as they congregate around the water sources.But if you hate the heat you’ll be better off coming during the cool season.

Safari goers gets so focused on finding the cats and the big five that they forget about these beautiful animals.Who knew a group of giraffes is called a ‘tower of giraffes?’
M.t Kilimanjaro is just showing off.

No matter what time you decide to visit the parks, it will be a visit you’ll never forget!

Summer Is Finally Here.

Hello loves! 2019 is here and as always it’s super exciting with new beginnings. Hope you all started off the year safe and ready to hit the ground running. The calendar it’s still fresh for new challenges or to go after your dreams.

Last year was a fun year, it passed quite fast . We heard alot about Diani Beach so we had to visit with my uni friends (Sharonne, Hildah and Joan), it was really a nice place with cool and cozy atmosphere, amazing music and sound. I was amazed about the clear water in Diani Beach, wow! Looking back and seeing all the photographs I feel like 2018 went so fast .Wouldn’t mind being there right now hiding in the shade sipping on something cold.

I thought i’d share my personal style for 2019 summer outfit. I wore this yellow denim short, love it. It’s from H&M. I paired it with a white t-shirt and bohemian bag for a simpler look.It’s just so simple and easy to wear when it’s hot.I love loose simple and comfortable dresses as well for summer, it’s amazing and so easy to just throw one over on a hot summer day and look chic with a pair of sandals or sneakers.

This was just a little update,more post coming soon. Let’s see what 2019 brings. Lots of love xx Komen.

Rangi Saba


I am excited to be back after being MIA for a while .Even though I love blogging I needed a little boost to clear through the fog.  I’m plotting my return . That aside, did you know that just one hour drive from Karen tucked within Champagne ridge lies a hidden gem called Rangi  Saba? It’s  a vacation home with a rustic country feel and a safari interior.The house has living and dining room,kitchen,library,beautiful patio, three bedrooms with three bathroom ensuite.  I love the countryside , grew up at the farm and this takes me back .The climate at Rangi Saba is moderate with warm personality that makes you want to stay forever. If you love the outdoors like I do , you should get your small bag , planned playlist , a navigator and give yourself time to explore this part of the country. It is truly remarkable , however four wheel is recommended to explore this side of the country.

I enjoy little places like this when travelling than at hotels, cause beside being often more affordable, they tend to have that ‘home away from home feel’ that makes one not want to leave.

Were it not for the crazy heat during the day I probably would have made sure more pics were taken.

Rangi Saba is paradise with  an amazing hiking possibilities and an excellent surrounding for cycling and motorbike activities .You can do this at Champagne 4 x 4 Rally park Off road centre which is a few minutes drive from the house.One of the most amazing thing about this place is the sundowner oh my I  loved sunsets at this place ,pair that with the spectacular scenery and friends and you have a feast like no other.

A definite must visit when you are in Nairobi for a short or long stay.

Sundowner spot

Now I’m sitted in a cafe writing this post really fast because the battery is dying on the computer and they don’t have a plug  so its time to go!

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Lots of love xx Komen

Class up your style

On weekends nothing comes in between us.Weekend put space between our business/career obligation.It’s time to let go,do something different like relaxing,whether it’s a multi-hour netflix binge,couple  espresso at the cafe,hiking ,street eploration…whatever it is that defines rest and relaxation do it.It’s weekend!

The key to having a truly great time is in the outfit.Here I am dressed head to toe with ( romper short,kimono,sunglasses,sandal and most importantly my brown bohemian bag) .Romper shorts are easily the most flattering for any body size,they are so easy to wear plus they make everyone feel sexy.I’ts actually one of the look that I’m really enjoying at the moment, lol. I love how the outfit can be jazzed up with a nice kimono .The outfit goes well with the wild things sandals (wish you guys could see my bohemian sandals)


Whether you prefer street style, classic or minimal you can always find ways to class up your romper shorts.


Thank you guys  for reading.

Hugs and kisses; Ray komen

Find me at the coffee cafe


Welcome back! First thing first September is the  only month with the same number of letters in its name as the number of the month.It is the ninth month and has nine letters.Which is currently my favourite weather. That aside lets dive into the post.


(with my friend Ivy…)

If you haven’t got a chance to watch my stories….well  guys, I love to hang out here (Ole ken -it’s situated in Nakuru just down the road from the mall.) with friends and family. I adore coffee shops especially this one its so aesthetically pleasing,I’m content.(I wish i could discover aesthetically pleasing coffee shops for a living …kidding).Oh my I absolutely fell in love with their furnitures , the theme, not to forget the lighting too.Plus its unlimited as i can go back as many times as i want. I would recommend this place for any of my friends and readers visiting Nakuru for short or long stay.

The whole thing about this post is to show you guys how amazing this coffee cafe is(I know right, I wish too it was  something nice about their meal and stuff). I shall save it for the next post.

Thank you guys for reading .

Ray komen