Class up your style


On weekends nothing comes in between us.Weekend put space between our business/career obligation.It’s time to let go,do something different like relaxing,whether it’s a multi-hour netflix binge,couple  espresso at the cafe,hiking ,street eploration…whatever it is that defines rest and relaxation do it.It’s weekend!

The key to having a truly great time is in the outfit.Here I am dressed head to toe with ( romper short,kimono,sunglasses,sandal and most importantly my brown bohemian bag) .Romper shorts are easily the most flattering for any body size,they are so easy to wear plus they make everyone feel sexy.I’ts actually one of the look that I’m really enjoying at the moment, lol. I love how the outfit can be jazzed up with a nice kimono .The outfit goes well with the wild things sandals (wish you guys could see my bohemian sandals)



Whether you prefer street style, classic or minimal you can always find ways to class up your romper shorts.


Thank you guys  for reading.

Hugs and kisses; Ray komen




Find me at the coffee cafe


Welcome back! First thing first September is the  only month with the same number of letters in its name as the number of the month.It is the ninth month and has nine letters.Which is currently my favourite weather. That aside lets dive into the post.IMG-20170716-WA0011


If you haven’t got a chance to watch my stories….well  guys, I love to hang out here with friends and family. I adore coffee shops especially this one its so aesthetically pleasing,I’m content.(I wish i could discover aesthetically pleasing coffee shops for a living …kidding).Oh my I absolutely fell in love with their furnitures , the theme, not to forget the lighting too.Plus its unlimited as i can go back as many times as i want.IMG-20170716-WA0009

(with my friend Ivy…)

The whole thing about this post is to show you guys how amazing this coffee cafe is(I know right, I wish too it was  something nice about their meal and stuff). I shall save it for the next post.

Thank you guys for reading .

Ray komen





March slack


Hello good people  I have mini post to show you some of the pieces that i have fallen in love with.This sweater and the jeans ,of course i love the boots as well.I totally love the jeans ,its super strong blue(my all time favorite).

Actually its the best you can wear during this season . what is your march wardrobe looking like so far? Mine is full of fluffy sweaters. l0l! ……Yeah I’m a huge fun of sweaters.

DSC_0200So for the color choice i went for for black and blue, its kinda a nice combo for me because of comfortable.


Soul friends


I’m hoping you guys had an amazing  time over the weekend .To be honest I’m still thinking  about the time i spent with my friends.  To me friendship is a blessing   since you  can talk with them about every damn thing ,share top secrets, family problems and personal problem as well. My friends are the ones who  solve my stupid problems     and spending time with them is always fun.It’s important whom to choose as a friend .I think the two of them would not been there life would be quite boring .Those who have friends live happy and healthy than who don’t have.I must be special to have them.